Grounch Game (Linux and Windows)

3D platform Game
Developped with Godot 3.2.2 & blender 2.83 LTS



About the game

Grounch is a 3D plateform game. You play the role of a frog named Grounch. The aim is to free fireflies and find and eat differents objects as pearls and mushrooms that you will need to eat in order to get to the level. Attention There is some traps.

There will 6 levels. At this moment 3 are ready. The third is in development

Here the characters of the game

Minimal requirements

  • 150 Mo minimum of Disk space
  • Minimum RAM memory : 1024Mo
  • CG with 2G of RAM mini


GNU/Linux : Extract the file tar.gz and launch the binary file grounch_0.1.x86_64

Windows : Extract the file zip and launch the binary file grounch_0.1.exe

Source code

Gitlab page


Binary GNU/Linux Download

GNU/Linux package tar.xz package

Binary Windows Download

GNU/Linux package executable (.exe) zip